Assessment Department

The Assessment Department, under supervision of the assessor, is tasked with discovery and valuation for all properties – homes, businesses and commercial – within the city, as required by the Real Property Tax Law. The assessor also processes and reviews all applications for exemptions.

Assessment guidelines are set by the New York State Office of Real Property Services, state rules and regulations and the courts and managed locally by the city assessor.

The City of Lockport Assessment Department is responsible for:

  • Locating taxable real property and collecting inventory data
  • Notifying property owners where and when data is available
  • Determining ownership of property and maintaining ownership records
  • Valuing real property
  • Processing authorized exemptions
  • Filing assessment rolls (tentative and final)
  • Preparing and submitting annual reports to the state Office of Real Property Services

For more information on the job of the assessor, visit The Job Of The Assessor – a NYS Publication – at


Who to contact with questions

  • The assessor continually communicates with the public and answers questions and concerns raised by taxpayers. Anyone can examine the assessment roll and property records at any time.
  • It is up to individual property owners to monitor their own assessment. If taxpayers have questions about their assessment, they should contact the assessor before the tentative roll is filed (June 1). In an informal setting, the assessor can explain how the assessment was determined and the rationale behind it.
  • If after speaking to the assessor, you still feel you are overassessed, the publication How to File For a Review of Your Assessment may assist you. It describes how to prepare and file a complaint with the Board of Assessment Review and indicates the time of year it can be done.

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